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Q. Hi Sharon! I was just about to ask you my first question then a llama walked right in this room wearing a holiday sweater – what does the llama say and why is he here in the first place?

A. You know when you have six kids- nothing surprises me! No doubt the llama is looking for the Christmas cookies that my kids inhaled last night after dinner, while letting me know that he is annoyed at how my muppet-looking dog won’t stop barking at him!

Q. You’ve been writing MomOf6 for 6 years, can you talk about the time management skills needed to do that and also be a mom of 6? I felt busy for you just asking that!

A. I am a renowned expert at how to squeeze the most productivity out of every hour of the day! Seriously- every morning while the kids are eating breakfast, I’ll sit down and make a list of what I want to accomplish during the hours they’ll be at school- and then I assign timeframes to each of those tasks. This keeps me focused on what I want to do and how long I have to get it done throughout the day- and stops me from heading down that Facebook rabbit hole!

Q. A fun fact (and impressive fact) I have learned about you is that you did all the coding for MomOf6 yourself! Can you talk to us about when you decided to learn how to code and how you went about it?

A. Like most bloggers, I use WordPress, a theme (Genesis), and a child theme (Foodie Pro) for my blog. So 98% of the code is there in all of that framework. I just do tweaks here and there to customize my site, and all of that is self-taught as I need to learn it. You can Google anything, watch a video, and try to write the HTML yourself! Side note: before you attempt this on your own, make sure you know how to restore your site first! I’ve “broken and restored” my site more times than I care to count!

Q. Organization is something you write a lot about – is there a specific area in your house that has really proved to be the biggest time saver now that it is organized? Is it tough to maintain?

A. While an organized kitchen is truly the biggest time saver (goodbye piles of paper, hello clean open countertops!), the area of my home that was the hardest to organize and remains the toughest to maintain are the storage area such as the basement and the garage! It’s where clutter goes to die! Think about it- you buy a new vacuum cleaner because the old one no longer works- where do you toss the old one- in the garbage? Heck no….. you hang onto to it “just in case”! Same goes for the box the new one came in…. keep it around “just in case”. In case of what? A world-wide shortage on vacuums and their boxes? I have to re-teach myself my own clutter-busting tips all of the time!

Q. The holiday season is a busy time for everyone and as a mom of 6 I think that would be especially true for you and your family… how early do you go about planning for it?

A. I start the planning process 8 weeks out- I start asking the kids for their wish lists, thinking about the goodies I want bake, and (most importantly) the intentional things I want to do with my family during this time of year. I’ve written all about it here!

Q. You’ve said if you can run an organized household that it is a means to do the additional things you love to do… what are some of those additional things you love to do?

A. For me it means spending more time with my kids- doing things we like to do together- like playing in the yard, baking cookies, and taking day trips together. Being organized is not only following the old adage of “everything has a place and everything in its place” but it is also about thinking ahead and coming up with a game plan. I spend time every week making plans for the week ahead- I know if I plan it and write it down, that I can make it happen!

Q. Can you share a memorable birthday party you threw for one of your kids? What about the planning and organization that went into it helped make it so memorable?

A. Birthday parties are my THING! I love planning a fun party for my kids that we can host at home- I’ve done art parties, spa parties, parties based around TV shows like Minute To Win It, Cupcake Wars, The Amazing Race, and Cutthroat Kitchen. But one of the most fun parties I’ve ever done is an American Ninja Warrior Party!

Q. You have a MomOf6 YouTube channel in addition to your blog and other social media outlets… what is your favorite way to communicate with your audience?

A. While I do still create videos and spend a lot of time curating boards on Pinterest, my favorite way to interact with MomOf6 readers is right there on the blog and also on Facebook! I love when folks leave comments, tell me if they agree/disagree with what I am writing about- and let me know what works for them!

Q. Do you have any favorite blogs or websites that you go to?

A. I have tons of blogs that I love to read for organizing tips, recipes, and crafting ideas. But when I want a good laugh about the trials of raising a large family, I read Beth Woolsey over at “Five Kids is A Lot Of Kids!

Q. If you were tasked to organize someone else’s house – where is the first place you’d start?

A. No doubt- the kitchen! Because it is the heart of every household it is also where the kids tend to dump all of their stuff, it’s where you put the mail, and where you leave all kinds of notes and reminders for yourself! The first thing you want to do is to bust through that clutter and create a kitchen command center to keep it corralled and organized. Then I would add in a menu planning board to help you plan what to cook for dinner a week at all a time- THAT will change your LIFE!


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